5 Reasons to Get a Mazda

5 Reasons to Get a MazdaThe company behind the Mazda brand is the fifth largest automaker in Japan. Their cars i.e. the Mazda CX-5, Mazda 6 and Mazda 3 are reasonably priced. They also come with features that will make your driving experience a pleasurable one. From the car stereo, navigation systems, the interiors will also entice you. You also stand to enjoy fuel economy that will see you saving some dollars at the gas pump. After several years of poor performance, the car maker has been on a recovery path. These and other reasons shown below should prompt you to get a Mazda.

1. Lineup of impeccable vehicles

After spending a number of years under co-ownership with Ford, Toyota and Nissan, the company that manufactures Mazda is now on its own. They have a lineup of vehicles that will suit your taste. Whether you are seeking for hatchback, SUV, crossover or sedan, you will find a Mazda model for each category.

2. Performance

The marketing approach used by Mazda is that of spreading the message that their cars are for everyday use, offer a great experience and are versatile. A decade back, few people could have been swayed by this. However, German car makers managed to sell units across Europe through the same approach. On the other hand, motorists now want cars that perform under different circumstances. You are looking at speed, stability on the road and acceleration among others. The Mazda RX-8, Miata, MX-5 and Mazdaspeed 3 are all superbly design and good performers.

3. Fuel economy

Nowadays, every motorist is keen on what a car can offer on a gallon of gas. Mazda has taken this trend seriously. As a matter of fact, no Mazda vehicle offers lower than 20 miles per gallon. This is one strong reason why you should drive a Mazda. Fuel economy is very important considering that keeping your gas tank full is the biggest expense you will ever incur for any car you drive. Of significant note is the fact that Mazda has managed this feat without building a hybrid engine.

4. Business enhancement policies

The automakers board recently adopted a decision whose impact will make owning a Mazda more affordable. The board decided to build more factories outside Japan. This was necessitated by challenges faced in export procedures and the way the Japanese currency behaved against other major currencies. They already have plants on US soil making it easy to satisfy the US market. This makes it cheaper for you to buy a US made Mazda than a unit imported from Japan.

5. Loyal customer base

Mazda continues to manufacture vehicles that are stylish, reliable and economical. This has resulted in a loyal customer base. If you factor the availability of parts, then you can see why people stick to their Mazda brand. You could begin your experience by buying a used Mazda before upgrading to a new one.

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