Customize Your Car

English: Steering wheel from a 1990 Geo Storm ...

Without completely ‘pimping’ your car out, you can make your car look as though you own it. That does not mean that there is fast food garbage everywhere, instead it means that you can express your personality through what you put in your car.

Seat covers are a great way to instantly add a bit of personality to a car. There are many different kinds out there. If you are the kind of person who likes cartoons, then you can find anything from Betty Boop to Bugs Bunny. Aloha print is a popular pattern for cars, as well as leopard print. If you are not the kind of person who likes those, you can find something else online such as argyle and paisley.

You can also purchase a steering wheel cover. These come in all sorts of styles. Your car can help you determine which one that you should purchase. If you have a red leather interior, then you will want to get something similar when you buy a steering wheel cover. If you have some great woodwork, you can accent that through buying a faux wood cover.

Another great way to make your ar feel like it is yours is to buy a good smell for it. Having a car that smells like pine instead of new car smell can make it feel as though that car is actually yours. At just about any general store, you can buy a scent for your car. If you want something really fancy, then you can go to a candle store. That may sound strange, but they usually make their candle scents in the form that can go in cars.

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