Finding A Great Deal On A Used Car

There are many great deals to be found when purchasing a used car. The ability to obtain a sound vehicle for a good price often depends on the dealer. Not all dealers are the same and the quality of the vehicles can vary drastically. Therefore, it’s important to be informed about the condition of the vehicle prior to purchasing. Buying from a used car dealer can offer advantages over new car dealers. Many used car dealers have on-lot financing which may allow a payment schedule that is more easily managed by the buyer. In addition, some have begun to offer extended warranties to cover major repairs. Locating a used car dealer is simple. Numerous listings may be found in automotive magazines, the newspaper or in the telephone directory under “used car dealers Oklahoma City”.

A few simple observations can provide a great deal of information about the condition of a vehicle. Checking the oil should be one of the first priorities. If it is full and clear, it has most likely been changed recently. Dark oil indicates that it hasn’t been changed in some time. Cloudy oil could mean there is water in the oil. This could signify severe engine damage, as can clicking or knocking noises in the engine. The source of oil spots beneath a vehicle should be identified. It could mean a minor repair, such as replacing an oil pan gasket, or an extremely expensive one if the rear main seal is leaking; similarly with transmission fluid. If a test drive of the vehicle reveals loose steering, the tie-rods ends may be worn. Squealing, grinding, or difficulty stopping typically indicates the car will require brake service. This too could be expensive if it includes rotors. Turn signals, park lights and headlights should be checked to assure they are operational. If they fail to work properly and all fuses and bulbs have been replaced, a short or other wiring problem may exist. When in doubt, the advice of a professional mechanic should be sought.

Even minor maintenance can add up so it is pertinent that items such as windshield wiper blades are in good shape and tires are properly inflated, with good tread. If any items are found in need of repair, it should be mentioned to the dealer. Most times they will make any necessary repairs or reduce the price of the vehicle. All paperwork should be examined prior to purchase so that the buyer is aware of the terms. If a warranty is included, it is important that the buyer understand what items are covered.

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