It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Truck Season

Winter is coming. You have a decision to make. It’s time to look for a new truck. If you are like most people you may be overwhelmed at all the features and costs involved. It’s best if you have a good idea for what you plan to use it before you start looking. So what do you need your new truck to accomplish? For what jobs can you imagine using it? Take a few minutes and think about the majority of tasks you think you’ll be doing with the new truck. This will help you determine a number of factors and will make you more prepared when you go to the dealership. It will also start you on what size of truck at which you will want to look. The size of the truck and scope of it’s job will also help determine what kind of engine and fuel you will use. This will also determine the costs in purchasing and operating that vehicle. Do you want four wheel drive or two wheel drive? Believe it or not, this may also affect resale value in your area.
So if you think you have some major jobs for this truck then you may be considering a larger truck, say a 3/4 ton or a 1 ton vehicle. If it’s going to be doing a lot of pulling and towing you may also want to consider a diesel engine which is made for the 3/4 ton or 1 ton size trucks. Now this has advantages and disadvantages. Trucks with diesel engines and transmissions cost more but are made for heavier jobs and use. Diesel engines and transmission systems may also be a little more expensive to maintain over the life of the truck. But, if your goal is longevity in a tough working vehicle, then diesel is probably the way to go. For more information visit us at
If on the other hand your goal is a sturdy pick up truck that will get you from point A to point B and will haul everything from kids to furniture and do occasional towing then a truck with a gasoline engine might be for you. This also opens up a broader range of pickup truck sizes available to you. The major advantage of a gas engine is that it is less expensive. Not only are gas engine trucks less expensive to purchase but may be slightly less expensive to maintain over the life of the vehicle. Currently gasoline prices are slightly lower than diesel prices at the pump.
So from here, you can decide on other options. How much luxury do you want? What safety features do you need? If you would like more information or if you have more questions please visit us at where we would be more than happy to assist you.

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