Hurt In A Biking Accident?

For those people that are hurt in a biking accident, they will require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer. Motorcycles are a lot smaller than regular cars and trucks, and therefore, if there is an accident, the people can get very injured, especially if they aren’t wearing their protective helmets and eye protection. Finding… [Continue Reading]


Pros vs. Cons of Car LED Lights

Light emitting diodes, commonly referred to as LEDs, offer several advantages over standard auto light bulbs. However, all the pros and cons of car LED lights should be considered. Road Safety The 1157 LED bulb that is in use in most American and foreign made vehicles for taillight circuits provides greater visibility at night to… [Continue Reading]


Getting Your Car Back on the Road

Having your car in the shop for even the most minor repairs can often leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. You must rely on friends and family to get you to work and run errands or rent a car which costs money over time. When you find yourself in this position, your first priority is… [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Car Back on the Road

Lease vs Buy a Chevy

You may need a new car and are pondering whether it would be best to lease or to buy a car. When making this decision, you must analyze several habits that you do in everyday life regarding travel. Examine this checklist: 1) How many miles do I normally drive in a year? 2) Do I… [Continue Reading]

Lease vs Buy a Chevy

Steps For Opening an Atuo Mechanic Shop

Opening an auto mechanic shop may be a lucrative opportunity for you if you an experienced auto mechanic or enjoy working on cars. However, knowing how to fix a vehicle is not enough to run a successful business. You will also need some good advice on how to start an auto mechanic shop. Here are… [Continue Reading]

Steps For Opening an Atuo Mechanic Shop

Great ways to help our veterans

Man in U.s. Marine Corps Uniform Saluting American Flag

There are over 20 million veterans that require services and help on a daily basis. If you want to say thank you for the service they provided there are several ways you can do this. Use the following list to find a service or item you can provide to make the life of a veteran […]

Three Best Sports Cars for Your Midlife Crisis

2005 Chevrolet Corvette

There was a time when we used to think that it was silly for a middle-aged person to buy a sports car, as times goes by we realize that a “midlife crisis” is not as catastrophic as it sounds. In fact, some would even argue that it is beneficial! If you are considering buying a […]

Top Ways to Improve Your Car Audio System


If you enjoy listening to loud, high-quality sound when you are driving to work, you might be wondering how you can upgrade your car sound system. Factory car audio systems typically produce inferior sound quality when you do not take time to make improvements that will yield great results. Here are some valuable tips on […]

The Top 10 Best Work Trucks


The ‘ten best work trucks’ listed below include everything from medium-sized pickups to big diesel ‘one tons.’ It’s recommended that one pay particular attention to required torque and power train warranties when investing in a work truck. Keep in mind that most major truck builders will also offer numerous bed accessories to adapt the truck […]

Techniques For Protecting and Preserving Your Car Paint


Everyone wants their car to look the best it possibly can, but with the weather and different driving conditions, it can really take a toll on your car’s paint job. Fortunately, there are some ways you can protect your paint and keep that car of yours looking incredible for many years to come. First and […]

Customize Your Car

Without completely ‘pimping’ your car out, you can make your car look as though you own it. That does not mean that there is fast food garbage everywhere, instead it means that you can express your personality through what you put in your car. Seat covers are a great way to instantly add a bit […]

Of Pistons and Power


Let’s face it, cars can be confusing. Car repairs and car parts can be even more so. For that matter, if you ever go shopping for a new car, you will probably have a salesman trying to impress with as many technical terms as he can. What exactly are dual overhead cams and do I […]

Wireless Electric Car Charging Takes Off in London


In 2012, the matter of wireless charging of electric cars became a major talking point as technology companies took major steps to make it popular Qualcomm and Charge master Qualcomm, a mobile technology market leader has united with the London Mayor and UK government. They plan to release a set of wireless electric charging stations […]