Rubber to Road: Starting Your Own Tire Shop

Rubber to Road: Starting Your Own Tire ShopOwning a business is in the lifeblood of Americans. More than any other quality, our independent nature defines us: we want to do things the way we know how, with care and the highest quality of work we can. Whether your path to freedom is a bakery, or a restaurant, or even a tire shop, starting that first business is the most difficult part.

The First Shop

If you’re opening a tire shop, for example, you have to be wary of showing your product well. If potential customers don’t know what you’re selling, or can’t easily find out whether you have a product in stock that they want, they’ll take their business elsewhere. This is why tire labels are so important. Labels used correctly are obvious, easy to read, and show just the pertinent information with no fluff. A good label can be the difference between a customer walking out disinterested, or a lifelong customer who helps you build your new brand bit by bit.

Your stock is the most important thing you can control as a small business owner, especially in the automotive industry. You have to hit every major automobile segment with the tires you have on hand — sedans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, small compacts, and even sports cars — if you aren’t able to at least offer something to these customers, they’ll never return and your business will falter. Building a good base stock is crucial to your tire shop succeeding, and there are a few ways to do that.

Building Your Stock

When building your tire stock, you should start with a few core products. Sticking with the entire line from a trusted and proven manufacturer, for example, lends you some instant credibility. Another method you could use to build your stock is to cater to a specific segment, like fleet vehicles and commercial trucking. Whatever the path you choose, you want to build our your base stack with niche and halo products. High performance competitive tires might be your idea, a high margin product you can keep a small stock in and take advantage of seasonal business.

The Dream

Whatever method you use to begin your business, the truth of the matter is that things won’t be easy. You’ll struggle at times, but it’s in our nature to push back and persevere. This struggle makes the moment when everything comes together all the sweeter.

A tire shop may seem like a quaint, simple idea, certainly in the face of major tech companies and the small startups that dot the land from coast to coast. However, the simplest of ideas can be just as effective, provided you have the motivation and drive to put the sweat and effort into your business.

When you look back on your life’s work, knowing that you did things your way, building your own business and making your own way in life, the sense of satisfaction you get will have no equal. That, in the end, makes the life of the small business owner worthwhile.

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