Steps For Opening an Atuo Mechanic Shop

Steps For Opening an Atuo Mechanic ShopOpening an auto mechanic shop may be a lucrative opportunity for you if you an experienced auto mechanic or enjoy working on cars. However, knowing how to fix a vehicle is not enough to run a successful business. You will also need some good advice on how to start an auto mechanic shop. Here are steps that will give you open an auto mechanic shop and how you can make it successful.

Create A Business Plan

Draft a solid business plan that outlines how you will obtain funds for your daily operations. Your business plan should outline all your startup costs, your business strategy and projected income. Include your expansion plans, a demographic profile of your target customers, and be sure to include taxes and employees’ salaries. This document will help you in securing financing from a lender.

Register Your Business

Register your auto mechanic shop with the city, or county office before you open for business. File a fictitious name statement to protect your business name from your competition. Obtain a business license and any necessary permits from your local government agency.

Obtain A Tax Permit

Apply for a state sales tax license with the Department of Revenue. This department will provide you with information and instructions on how to report taxes. You will also need to apply for a federal Employer Identification Number, also known as EIN. You will need the EIN when you hire employees and collect taxes from their paychecks.

Choose A Location

Decide whether to buy an existing auto mechanic shop, lease garage space or construct your own facility. It is important to choose a location carefully. Position your shop where there is a good amount of traffic. Buying an existing auto mechanic business can be a good idea as it may have a large current customer base and because essential equipment may be included.

Hire Employees

You will need to employ a customer service agent to explain repairs to your customers and someone to manage the front desk and handle money issues. Hire ASE-certified auto mechanics according to the volume of business you receive. Ensure that your employees are thoroughly familiar with Special Parts Order Forms for your shop.

Decide on Pricing

Design a price list for your services. It is important that you cover the costs of material and your operating costs while still maintaining competitive pricing. Make sure the price list covers oil changes, brake inspections, radiator flushing. Decide on a rate for the many jobs or services that will not perfectly fit into a regular or basic service. Check your competition and their Special Parts Order Forms to make sure that your prices are reasonable.

Stage A Grand Opening

Use traditional and social media promotional methods to introduce your auto mechanic shop to the community. Advertise introductory discounts on basic jobs and services, such as tire rotations or oil changes, to attract customers. Make sure you highlight the repair skills and work history of your certified staff. These strategies will help you to gain customers’ trust and confidence.

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