The Best BMW Motorcycles

Which is the best BMW motorcycle can I get in the market? This is a question that many will ask themselves when they have already settled on BMW type of product. Sometimes it is difficult to define which motorcycle is best because each will offer different importance to its users. Companies can rate their motorcycles using various factors for example, the features that comes with the bike from the manufacture of the bike, the purpose of the motorcycle from the user’s point and what the clients say about the product in general. BMW has different types of bikes. Here are the features of the bikes considered to be the best from the BMW Motorcyles Virginia company. BMW K1200S is a 163 bhp inline-four, has a nice look with electronic suspension. It is comfortable and built for the autobahn. However, it has a heavy steering at low speed. The gearshift is clunky and lacks the comfort. BMW K1300S has higher ratings than BMW K1200S. It has large engine capacity with extra torque that make it faster.

It is refined and the consumption of fuel is less than that of BMW K1200S. The ratings for BMW K1200GT are higher than of BMW K1300S. Has 152 bhp with slab-sided shape. It is comfortable and good performance. Man clients are impressed with its willing engine. The ride is excellent and the seat is adjustable. In terms of fuel consumption, it is described to be a 50-50 mpg. This makes it more economical. On the best list, there is also BMW R1200RT which is more powerful. It has heavier styling. The weight is improved and the engine is strong and stable. The seat is comfortable for the use of the client.

BMW R1200R is 800cc with parallel twin.

It is lighter and more powerful than the BMW K1200GT. Other characteristics are reliable, comfortable and being stable. The racing pulses are wonderful. BMW F800ST has a counterbalanced engine that makes it smoother than the above mentioned. The bike is fitted with heated grips. The fuel consumption is up to 85 mpg. The interesting thing is that it has an on-board computer and ABS. BMW K1200LT is a 115 bhp with four-cylinder mill. It has an automatic center-stand operation and a seat that is adjustable. It has speed to cruise across continents. It is a 390 kg large powered model.

BMW K1200R is a powerful bike than BMW K1200LT. It has different styling, the acceleration is brutal, the engine is canted. Has all the comfort that one may need for a bike. BMW R1100S is a higher rating bike than BMW K12ooR. It is the top on the list of sports. It has good suspension. This type is stable, comfortable ans considered by many to be a sport-bike. It is a 1085cc bike with 98 bhp. Has six speed gear box. The BMW S100RR has the highest rating among the BMW bikes. It is a 193 bhp with a hard accelerator. It has a good control system. The power delivery is wow. It is has electronic trickery with include notch traction control. Try us by passing by BMW Motorcyles Virginia and the bike of your choice.

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