Top Vehicles of 2013

Top Vehicles of 20132013 was a big year in the automobile industry. Car shows across the US and Europe sow new and exciting inventions. From smart cars easily connecting with all the current technology to automobile built to avoid crashes. There is no doubt technology in the automobile industry is transforming how companies build cars, and how drivers interact with them. It is almost impossible to decide explicitly on the best car of 2013, and yet in cars like in other industries, 2013 saw some real leaders break from the perk. Here are some 2013 cars, that received favorable reviews from most car dealers.

The best sedan in 2013 is easily the 2013 Honda Accord. A new redesign, the new model comes with added room and substantially increases fuel-efficiency. It also comes with added safety features like the high trims common in larger cars. The fact that it gives all this and prices at lower costs, makes it an easy leader among the sedans Among lower cost subcompacts the Hyundai Elantra is economic, stylish and larger than subcompacts within its price ranges.

The Toyota Prius remains a leader among green cars especially because its a non-plug vehicle. It also provides larger room, high roofs and its hutch back makes it a perfect fit for proponents of green cars. Its station-wagon version is also a bigger winner but the ecoline model is a big fail.

The Honda CRV is still leader among the small SUV’s. It comes at competitive price of mid-twenties. It has large interiors spacing, spacious back seating and excellent reliability. It also offers good economy Among SUVs, the best cars of 2013 was the Toyota Highlander. It offers well padded comfortable seats, an easy and fun to drive pilot area fitted with a fine dashboard interface that makes any SUV enthusiast an easy convert. It also has the best in mileage for its class. The Highlander is soundproof and very quite and that coupled with its stadium sitting, may make its passengers the feeling of riding in a movie theater. The noisy bumps and surroundings are quite and still.

BMW remains the king of luxury sedans and the 328i takes luxury sedans to the next level. A spacious sleek interior and exterior makes it easily a winner. The comfort interior, the cozy passenger seats and raised headroom makes it easy to seat in and not feel crammed. It also provides superior safety features and does that while improving the mileage it gives its owners.

Finally, the mazda mx-5 kansas city is a big winner for sports convertibles. Very popular , the Mazda mx-5 is luxury, sports, versatility and fuel-economy all wrapped in good pricing. Mazda Mx-5 kansas city is the place if looking towards owning this one.

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